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Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex is without doubt the most effective means of suppressing appetite with a strong thermogenic effect and increasing energy levels for long hours. Synedrex is also the first burner in the world that offers a 4-stage metabolism. Synedrex works by addressing 4 areas that can slow down the metabolic rate. This revolutionary discovery changes the slow metabolism into a healthy rapid metabolism of old years.

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  • The most effective appetite suppressant
  • Increases energy and its privilege Counteracting reopening
  • Every serving lasts up to 12 hours!
  • Just one capsule a day to effectively burn fat
  • Radically speeds up the metabolism

Synedrex works in a similar way to iconic Sibutramine (but does not cause side effects). It inhibits monoamine reuptake, which contributes to the increase in postprandial feeling of satiety (stimulation of the satiety center and inhibition of the hunger in the hypothalamus). It also causes an increase in thermogenesis, which together with the feeling of postprandial satiety leads to a reduction in body weight by reducing the amount of adipose tissue, especially visceral fat.

The composition of the burner was developed in the laboratory on the basis of research conducted by an experienced team of doctoral students of dieticians and technical consultants working for the company Metabolic Nutrition. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the formula repeatedly tested experimentally and clinically, as well as numerous opinions of professional athletes using it as well as other users presented extensively on numerous sports forums.


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